The character of Corredor Público is not new, many centuries ago when the commercial activity was born, the figure of the commercial notary public was instituted as a person whose main task was to assist those making businesses from far away places; in other words, the commercial notary public comes naturally among the Greek, Roman and Egyptians civilizations; at any time when a commercial transaction was taking place, the parties required legal certainty and protection.

In Mexico, the presence of the Corredor Público dates from the time of the Conquest of Spain, when Carlos V instituted in the year 1527 the profession of Commercial Notary Public (Corredor Público).

Later on and during the years of the independent Mexico, the Commerce Code of 1854 established the figure of Corredor, and it remained in that Code even up to the current Commerce Code (published in the Official Gazette of the Federation from October 7 through 13, year 1889), assigning to the Corredor Público the Third Chapter of the Code named “Of the Corredores” (articles 51 to 74); nevertheless these articles were derogated when the new Federal Law of the Commercial Notary Public came in force.

 The new Federal Law of the Commercial Notary Public, was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on December 29th 1992, in force on January 28th 1993.

The character of
Corredor Público

The Corredor Público (Commercial Notary Public/ Federal Attestor for business and Mercantile affairs) is a person who holds a Law degree and has a professional license issued by the Federal Government, who in order to exercise the abilities conferred in such capacity must have an extensive knowledge of the mercantile, financial and banking laws; plus expertise and knowledge in the appraisal/valuation of assets and services; mediation and arbitration.

The Corredor Público is a Public Federal Attestor, thus a certifying public officer or commercial notary for all kinds of mercantile affairs, who has been empowered by the Mexican President through the Secretariat of Economy, once all the legal requirements established in the Law have been complied.

The main role of the Corredor Público is to guarantee the safety and juridical certainty and assuredness of commercial acts, exercising control of the legality of the commercial transactions as well as of other subjects in the federal sphere; providing professional and impartial advise with the obligation of confidentiality as regulated by Law, which represents an element of trust for those who use the services of a Corredor Público. (Paragraph taken from the website of the Secretariat of Economy www.correduriapublica.gob.mx/correduria).

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