Federal Public Attestor

“The deeds and instruments authorized by the Federal Commercial Notary Public are considered public instruments; and the registries on their books, as well as certified photocopies and other copies issued from said deeds and entries in which said commercial notary public is authorized to act, are public documents which in court serve as conclusive evidence (prima facie evidence) of the contracts, legal acts and respective facts” (Article 18, third paragraph of the Federal Law for Commercial Notaries).

  • Formalization of constitution of mercantile societies.
  • Formalization of mergers or divisions of companies.
  • Formalization of changes in denomination or legal regime.
  • Formalization of minutes of assemblies of Mercantile Societies.
  • Constitution of mortgages on ships, ships and aircraft.
  • Formalization of credit contracts for various purposes.
  • Formalizations of any commercial nature contract.
  • Certified copies
  • Ratifications of signatures in diverse documents of a commercial nature.
  • Certifications of facts in commercial matters and industrial property matters.
Other related
  • Preparation of shareholder certificates or social shares.
  • Public Property Registry.
  • Public Registry of Commerce.
  • Public Maritime Registry.
  • Registration in the SIEM.
  • Notices to the National Registry of Foreign Investments.
  • Preparation of minutes book.
  • Preparation of shareholder book.
  • Notices to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Registration and notices before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property.