The Mediation

Mediation is an alternative way to resolve conflicts or disputes between two or more parties, with the help of an uninterested third person not involved in the conflict, who is impartial and regulates the process of communication and agreements between the parties; the ultimate goal is to reach a settlement in which all parties involved are benefited or satisfied with the outcome, without the need to go to courts and tribunals.

In addition to the advice provided in the mercantile field, in this firm (Commercial Notary Public´s office) we favor the alternative way to resolve conflicts between the parties, prior to resorting to the courts. That is why, with the abilities granted by the Federal Law, we are authorized to act as a mediator (facilitator) in the conflicts that could arise between businessmen, or between people executing contracts or agreements of mercantile nature, or other acts of commerce.

We believe that prior to start or execute any kind of commercial or business activity it is of great importance to contact a Corredor Público. This helps to prevent potential conflicts. We promote amongst our clients prevention practices by assisting them in their business and commercial transactions, exchanging proposals, and advising during the entire process of their negotiations.